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Data Processing

Education Intelligence 

Solving The "Education Data Headache"

DazzlData Helps Organizations Design, Market, and Deliver Intelligent Data Solutions That Delight Educators!

Mike Hadaway, founder of DazzlData, is an energetic, highly creative education technology solution leader with over two decades of real-world experience in the design, delivery, and sales of public sector data analytic products and solutions.


Education Data Headache Problem Solver

Mike tackles complex data integration projects by engaging with stakeholders and facilitating an integration of ideas well before the integration of their systems leading to successful solution deployments.

Education Intelligence Pioneer

Mike has been focused on education data integration and analytics well before it was popular.  Over two decades ago, Mike was helping education agencies with data integration, public reporting, data warehousing, improving the educators lives with easy, intelligent access to hard to reach data. 

Education Data Solution Designer

Mike loves discovering customers information needs and their visual vocabulary to drive compelling and useful data visualizations that are designed to delight the customer and address their "data headache".

Solution Examples

K12 Analytics Product Design

Designed and led development of a full-scale education data warehouse solution providing multi-source data integration, metadata architecture, memory-based cube design, with a full suite of interactive dashboards. In addition, this solution provided customers with the ability to perform self-service analytics, reporting, and external data mashup


Jim Hardin

GM, US Services Cloud Growth

Microsoft Corporation

"I have worked with Mike Hadaway over the course of the last two decades. He has a brilliant mind and a passion for making data actionable. Mike has a deep understanding of the education space. Mike walks with integrity and understands how to build a culture that thrives in the post-covid milieu. I recommend Mike without reservation."

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